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Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world's most demanding industries.

Advance Material Science

VULCANIZED FIBRE -  bone grade

Vulcanized fibre  bone grade is the hardest and densest grade available. It offers very high resistance to wear and abrasion. It possesses great mechanical strength. It is also resistant to oils, gasoline and most solvents. It is an electrical grade insulating material capable of withstanding temperatures up to 115ºC. It is used in many mechanical and/or electrical applications such as noiseless gears, cams, cutting blocks, and thrust washers.

Sheet Sizes: 45"x74"  Thickness: 1/16" to 1" Color: Gray



Maximum operating temperature

- electrical

- mechanical

Water absorption (24 hours)

Hardness (Rockwell R)

Compression strength

Tensile strength

- machine direction

- cross direction

Flexural strength

- machine direction

- cross direction

Dielectric strength (1/8 thick)

Arc resistance (1/16 thick)

82 pcf / 1.32 grams/ccm


239ºF (115ºC)

230ºF (110ºC)



35,000 psi


19,000 psi

9500 psi


28,000 psi

16,000 psi

200 vols/mil

100 sec

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