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Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world's most demanding industries.

Advance Material Science


NEMA G5 has high mechanical strength and excellent electrical properties under dry conditions. It has high arc and heat resistance and is self extinguishing. It is used in the electrical industry in switch board panels, arc barriers, circuit breakers and as structural electrical parts.

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Sheet Sizes: 36"x48" / 36"x72" / 48"x48" / 48"x96" / 48"x108" Thickness: 0.031" to 4" Color Gray



Maximum operating temperature

- electrical

- mechanical

Water absorption

Hardness (Rockwell M)

Compression strength

Tensile strength

Flexural strength

Impact strength – Izod edgewise with grain

Dielectric strength

Dielectric constant (1,000,000 cycles/second)

Volume resistivity

Arc resistance

Parallel dielectric

Surface Resistivity

124 pcf / 0.72 pci


high temps not recommended

310ºF (140ºC)



65,000 psi

40,000 psi

50,000 psi

10 ft-lb/in

300 volts/mil


6 X 10,000,000 megohm-cm

180 sec


6 X 1,000,000 megohms


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