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Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world's most demanding industries.

Advance Material Science


GPO-3 is a flame retardant, rigid fiberglass reinforced plastic material used for general purpose electrical and/or mechanical applications where low cost is desired. GPO-3 can withstand higher temperatures than GPO-1 or GPO-2, and has better electrical characteristics. Click here to learn more.

Sheet Sizes: 36"x72" / 48"x60" / 48"x96" Thickness: 1/32" to 2" Color: Red



Maximum operating temperature

- electrical

- mechanical

Water absorption

Compression strength ASTM D-695

Tensile strength ASTM D-638

Flexural strength ASTM D-790

Impact strength ASTM D-256

Thermal conductivity ASTM D-177

Coefficient of therm expansion ASTM D-696

Arc resistance

112 pcf / 0.65 pci


320ºF (160ºC)

302ºF (150ºC)


30,000-33,100 psi

7800-94000 psi

22,100-25,000 psi

8.9-9.5 Izod ft-lb/in

1.9 BTU/hr/sf/inºF

2 x 0.0001 in/in/ºC

180-194 sec

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