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Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world's most demanding industries.

Advance Material Science


Rigid mica plates consist of approximately 90% muscovite,  impregnated with 10% high temperature resistant silicone resin. It is used as supporting insulation for resistance wire heating elements in electric toasters, hair dryers, strip heaters, baseboard heaters and for gaskets and in other appliances and applications where excellent resistance to moisture and thermal mechanical and electrical properties are required. Rigid Mica plate is a  high-performance thermal and electrical insulation designed for the electromechanical and thermo-mechanical applications. It is used as a replacement for asbestos and other insulating boards for a variety of applications.


We offer fabrication services to your drawings.

Sheet Sizes: 36"x36" up to 39.37"x47.24"  Thickness: .78" to 2"

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