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Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world's most demanding industries.

Advance Material Science


Arboron possesses both good mechanical and electrical properties. It has high strength-to-weight ratio, and has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It is UL listed and is used in power distribution applications requiring dielectric strength, low moisture absorption, dimensional stability and good mechanical properties. Arboron can be used in many applications as a general replacement for Benelex.


Sheet Sizes: 48"x96" / 60"x120" / 60"x144" Thickness: 1/8" to 2" Color: Black matte surface



Maximum operating temperature

Water absorption

- 1/8 in

- 1/2 in

Hardness (Rockwell R)

Compression strength

- edgewise

- flatwise

Tensile strength

- machine direction

- cross direction

Flexural strength

- machine direction

- cross direction

Arc resistance (1/16 thick)

84.4 pcf

198ºF (92ºC)






43,600 psi

22,700 psi


22,000 psi

16,000 psi


23,000 psi

15,000 psi

135 sec

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